NIU M+ Citi 48V electric scooter with removable lithium battery, LED optics all round, alarm system. Motor wheel 1100W BOSH. GPS.AKB 26AH. 1745x660x1095mm.

Electric scooter is a silent, environmentally friendly mode of transport. It does not need gasoline and oil changes, which saves not a few costs to the owner. Electric scooters are good in the country or at home where there is a garage — instead of going to the gas station scooter battery can be charged on the spot from a normal outlet.

Why buy an electric scooter:

Easy to drive
Can be ridden without number plates, with any category of license
No exhaust emissions
Clean operation
Easy maintenance
No heat sources in the body of the scooter
It is good to ride this electric scooter in places where care is taken to preserve the proper level of ecological purity of the environment: parks, resorts, forests.


Compare with gasoline ATVs.
Not everyone has their own petrol filling station, while everyone has an electrical outlet!
The future is already here!