In mid-February 2021 the world was introduced to a new motorbike brand, Motron. The teasers preceding the official unveiling of the new brand showed the petrol-powered X-Nord 125 small turbo. That’s all well and good, but one of the electric models caught our attention — for obvious reasons if you look at the photos. So, the Motron Cubertino.


Without a doubt, the Cubertino is extremely similar to the Honda Super Cub, and even the name is certainly chosen based on the obvious similarity. Fans have long attacked Honda with requests to make an electric version of their favourite scooter, but to their utter disappointment, Dom Soichiro has remained cold to the pleas. However, the Cubertino, though not a Honda, looks interesting enough.


The charming electric scooter features a 60-volt brushless 1.5kW motor-wheel, delivering 32Nm of thrust at peak. It has a top speed of 45km/h. The scooterette is fitted with 17 wheels and drum brakes. It has a curb weight of just 78kg and can lift up to 228kg. It may not be fast, but it’s a hard-driving workhorse, isn’t it?


Its big downside, though, is its range, which is only 56k miles. All right, it is possible to go shopping in the nearest supermarket, to run business too, but not too far, and it is necessary to plan a trip accurately, taking into account charging stations or available sockets.


The Motron Cubertino starts at 2,000 euros. Motron currently plans to sell the model in Europe and has not revealed its plans for the rest of the world.


Here’s something else curious: another electric scooter, the CSC Monterey, was announced recently, in December 2020 to be exact. And if you put these two models side by side, taking off their nameplates, you can hardly tell them apart.

Their performance charts are similar, but they have slight differences, for example in top speed. We don’t know yet, if this model was developed by Austrians KSR, Californians CSC or it was made by the same Chinese for both distributors, but it’s more likely the latter. The similar price is also an indication of that. So it wouldn’t be surprising if another enterprising distributor renamed and brought a similar model to other markets.